About WRI

We pride ourselves in demanding the highest professional standards and practices.

 Headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD, and conveniently located along the I-270 Technology Access Corridor, WRI's strong local presence ensures our ability to provide reliable, immediate, and extended support to our clients in the DC/MD/VA Metropolitan Area. We pride ourselves in demanding the highest professional standards and practices. To ensure WRI maintains its commitment to exceeding the expectations of clients and employees WRI implemented measurable internal quality management protocols as developed by our ISO-9000 Business Processing Reengineering professionals.

Please take a look at our Capabilities Statement to learn more about us.

WRI provides the following key benefits to our clients:

  • Strong corporate commitment to consistently exceeding client expectations by developing solid working relationships
  • Knowledgeable and technically skilled professionals
  • Extensive experience with various federal/state/local government agencies and government contractors
  • Proven ability to develop, implement and administer both core and advanced administration services and business solutions
  • Proven ability to facilitate the controlled progress, enhancement and expansion of implemented solutions
  • Local (DC/MD/VA) corporate presence, and a convenient location to regional air/ground transportation, for immediate response and attention to our clients' needs in all national and various international locations

In addition to establishing an efficient and service-oriented organization, WRI offers an attractive and challenging professional environment, and career development path, to its personnel ensuring employee satisfaction. As a result, WRI recruits and retains top quality business professionals. These skilled and motivated resources are available for on-site support or on an as-needed basis to our customers. We are confident in our ability to provide the highest level of competent, qualified and reliable resources to meet any and all requirements of our clients, and fulfill a general and strategic objective to continuously improve business and management processes.

 "Value. Integrity. Results."