FOIA Support

What We Do

During the last 20 years there has been an increase in FOIA requests following various Executive Orders that have simplified and broadened the FOIA process. WRI meets this growing demand by providing end-to-end FOIA support to government agencies’ FOIA office involving full-scope case work, administration, tasking, and final recommendations for release determination to development of agency FOIA policies, procedures and internal regulatory guidance. WRI’s experience with full-scope case work includes the core capabilities of record preparation, metadata creation, digitization of records, record retrieval, declassification review, and FOIA/PA review. Additionally, our experience includes the entire gamut of litigations, appeals, consultations, referrals, and Privacy Act requests.

In support of FOIA offices worldwide, WRI ensures its FOIA professionals have extensive declassification and FOIA/PA experience, featuring program management personnel who have overseen the production of declassification/FOIA review processes and case management databases/trackers and analysts who have experience receiving and processing hundreds of requests. Our analysts are capable of providing full case review (drafting, initiating, tasking, and reconciling FOIA taskings) to Federal Agencies. WRI management and analysts maintain deep knowledge of Executive Order (E.O.)’s and FOIA provisions that designate requirements to information classification and release, including E.O. 12958 as amended and 5 U.S.C. 552, Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (PA). All of our analysts are also expected to properly maintain all documents and records to ensure accurate and complete documentation of all cases, policies and transactions, and ensure the highest level of care and quality is committed to current and backlog case management.

Proven Effectiveness

Wagner Resources has extensive experience supporting government agencies in the formulation of policy and execution of FOIA analysis and documentation. Our staff has an intimate knowledge of reporting, communication, and tracking needs and concerns that only come with first-hand experience. Over the years we have developed these main keys to successful FOIA execution:

  • A knowledgeable staff - We provide FOIA analysts with prior experience who can excel in responsive document review, screening, and redaction. You can expect our staff to successfully identify legal issues, identify applicable FOIA exemptions, and recommend determinations.
  • Proper filing and documentation from receipt of FOIA Request to the final Response Letter
  • standardized workflow process - Increases responsiveness and decreases response time
  • Clear inter- and intra-agency communication
  • Detailed internal tracking and reporting of FOIA Requests

Guaranteed Quality

WRI maintains a flat organization, which allows visibility of all projects at all levels of management. Internal project reports and reviews are designed to highlight any problems that may require attention. In a typical contract for FOIA Support Services, the WRI Team Lead or Project Manager will maintain case tracking and a Team Case Log. This data is reviewed weekly to determine case statuses and timeliness of responses, which are then used to plan future training schedules and case load mitigation methods. Therefore, the WRI Client is assured maximum efficiency from all FOIA specialists and a well-managed case load.

Product: FOIAworks

Over the course of many years providing FOIA Support we have come across a recurring need for a fully automated FOIA case management system. Too many agencies rely on ad hoc databases or incomplete commercial FOIA applications to track and document their FOIA processes. However, these systems lack automated workflow, specialized levels of user access, and/or compatibility with existing databases. Therefore, WRI developed FOIAworks, its own proprietary, online application is designed to track the accountability and processing of FOIA requests. Our design crew has an intimate knowledge of reporting, communication, and tracking needs and concerns that only comes with first-hand experience. As a result, FOIAworks will be encoded with many tools and functionalities that are guaranteed to make your life easier, and can only be found in FOIAworks.