Organizational Management

Business Process Re-Engineering

Our Business Process Reengineering services provide in-depth consulting in support of analysis and evaluation of existing business processes to identify mechanisms to improve the operation of the business. Process analysis is based on thorough analysis of our customer’s individual requirements and business environment. Our expertise includes analysis of corporate business practices in 

  • Organizational Management & Operational Structure
  • Performance Measures and Indicators
  • Process and Productivity Improvements
  • Future Business Planning

Planning, Programming, & Budget Execution (PPBE)

We provide consulting in support of the financial management needed for business improvement efforts including

  • Cost-effectiveness & Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Program and Budget Analysis/Development

OMB Exhibit 300 Support

Our OMB 300 support includes reviewing, developing, and improving OMB 300 Business Case submissions that are not only in compliance with OMB standards, but will earn a high PART score and the funding necessary for your project. The submission can be dually used as an effective financial project plan

Strategic Business Planning

We offer innovative business solutions and planning services in support of business operations and corporate management including Facilitation and Negotiations, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Contracts Administration/Management Consultation. Our Negotiation services provide expert-level consulting including management and administration of government and commercial contracts, risk assessment, negotiation strategies, proposal assistance, creation of contracts administration systems, and practical solutions to the everyday challenges of doing business in both the federal and commercial sectors.

Our Contracts Administration/Management Consultation services consist of analysis of contract agreements terms including, but not limited to reporting requirements, fees and deliverables, and developing proper corporate policies and procedures to ensure compliance towards such terms.

Our Facilitation Services consist of the collection of desired subject matter for discussion, preparation of agenda and discussion forums, leading discussions regarding divergent viewpoints, assisting to resolve differing perspectives and disagreements, providing information collected during facilitations to client leadership for decision-making, and providing necessary consultation regarding recommendations for change to achieve intended business objectives.