Stephen J. Phillips

Associate Director - National Library of Medicine

I have worked with Wagner Resources, Inc. as a member of a Department of Defense task force, where they provided exemplary project management and administrative support functions for the Recovering Warrior Task Force (RWTF) for the past four years. They have done an excellent job in the planning and execution of all activities and I have always been completely satisfied with their work; I would highly recommend this company for any operational support service needs.

As the operation support staff for the Recovering Warrior Task Force, Wagner Resources regularly planned site visits and business meetings locally, CONUS, and OCONUS, while successfully maintaining high quality daily administrative support. For the Task Force, Wagner Resources provided records management, budget analysis, travel and logistical coordination, website and social media management, technical writing and editing, and administrative assistant support. The company placed significant emphasis on maintaining transparency throughout their project management processes. Their project leads effectively and regularly communicated project statuses to the Task Force on the project spend plan and significant administrative actions. With an intense focus on compliance, the staff ensured our website and social media remained updated and current and all of Task Force records were carefully aligned with NARA regulations. Wagner Resources meticulously executed all tasks the Task Force requested of them.

I’m continuously impressed by the staff of Wagner Resources and their ability to anticipate the Task Force member’s needs and deliver top notch services. I would not hesitate to recommend Wagner Resources, Inc. for any operational support service and I hope to work with them again in the future.

Steven J. Phillips, MD
Associate Director, National Library of Medicine,
National Institutes of Health,
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

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